Education System at Islamic Boarding School of Universitas Islam Indonesia

The Education and Teaching System used at the Islamic Boarding School of Universitas Islam Indonesia is the Semester Credit Unit (SKS) system with a total of 86 credits packaged in each semester for 7 semesters (3.5 years) by applying the Classical model using Arabic or English as the language of instruction. In the learning process, there is a lot of study of foreign language books, especially Arabic. In daily communication outside of lectures, many use Arabic or English. The curriculum applied in Islamic boarding schools is designed with reference to the profile of graduates, which leads to proficiency in Arabic and English, the ability to do ijtihad and carry out Islamic preaching and good morals.


“The form of the Islamic College is to form scholars who are knowledgeable and have a dynamic spirit. Only such scholars can be true educators in society. In the College of Islam, religion and science will meet in an atmosphere of joint work, to guide society in togetherness.”

“UII Islamic Boarding School prepares graduates who are not only smart and dexterous in science and technology, but also strong in their devotion to Allah, the Almighty God.”

“UII Islamic Boarding School is one of the Condrodimuko craters in my life. The place where I was forged to become a santri (student), as well as a kyai (Islamic scholar).”

“For me, being a student of the Islamic Boarding School of UII is an extraordinary gift. In addition to the full study scholarship until graduation, the supportive environment for bilingual development and Islamic knowledge is a bonus that is not available on just any campus.”

“UII Islamic Boarding School is not only a place of religious education, but it is also a medium of inspiration and motivation to achieve dreams in realizing ideals and love as well as forming true Muslims in their daily lives full of simplicity, compassion, selfless friendship and objective competition to achieve the best.”

“One of the factors supporting the success of education is the provision of a good milieu that supports the development of students. Pondok Pesantren UII is a university-student-level boarding school education provider that provides this positive milieu. Competent kiai/ustadz (Islamic scholar), complete facilities, competitive curriculum, religious culture of the pesantren, competitive selected students, and dynamic student activities have led Pesantren UII to become a boarding school with a milieu that is hard to find, especially in Yogyakarta.”

“Through its boarding school program, UII has provided an opportunity for local sons to learn to the fullest, becoming students on the UII campus and santri (boarding student) in the UII boarding school, without having to think about tuition and boarding fees because of the full scholarship. The experience as the first batch of students in UII’s boarding school is very valuable. And we are very grateful for the boarding school program organized by UII. Seeing the work of the first batch of students in the community, many of whom have become academics, shows the effectiveness of this program. Because through the realm of the campus, UII’s work through its alumni will be more widespread.”


Exemption from tuition fees at the respective faculties
Exemption from the University’s Catur Dharma dues
Exemption from dormitory fees and facilities
Exemption from Community Service Program (KKN) fees
Exemption from thesis fee
Exemption from Graduation fees

Details can be seen through pesantren.uii.ac.id/admisi

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