Getting to Know UII Founder, Building Santri Character

In order to reflect on the struggle of the founding figures, the Islamic Boarding School of Universitas Islam Indonesia held a Study of UII Founding Figures on Sunday (5/11). The event presented the figure of “KH. Wachid Hasyim: Struggle, Role, and Exemplary” in the Hall of the Male Islamic Boarding School of Universitas Islam Indonesia, Depok, Sleman. The event was attended by all students of UII Islamic Boarding School. 

The Head of the Female Islamic Boarding School of Universitas Islam Indonesia, Ustadz Tajul Muluk, S.Ud., M.Ag. emphasized the importance of history in human life, especially for the development of morals and knowledge. The role and blessing of a place and the figures involved were also conveyed.

“In fact, history is the default of human beings so that they depart from history, so that they can at least not lose their way and can also continue the good history of the people before us,” he said.

The first speaker and national writer, Dr. KH. Aguk Irawan, MN, told the important role of santri, especially KH. Wachid Hasyim in fighting for the independence of the Indonesian nation. Among these roles are the renewal of the pesantren education system to keep up with the times and the gathering of dozens of Islamic organizations under the auspices of the Indonesian Islamic A’la Assembly (MIAI), one of whose founders was him.

The second material was presented by Panji Kumoro, M.Fil. regarding the life history of KH. Wachid Hasyim. His greatness is inseparable from the genetic influence of the family accompanied by an unyielding attitude, always critical, and surrounded by discussion friends. His big name also cannot be separated from the role of the muhibbin (lovers) because thanks to them, his works and life stories can still be known and exemplified today. This shows the success of KH. Wachid Hasyim’s vision of life as stated in his quote.

“Reading history is important, but far more important than that is making history.” (FJA)

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