Great Conference and Inauguration of OSPP-Media Santri of UII Islamic Boarding School

The Great Conference (Mubes) and Inauguration of the Board of Student Organization of Islamic Boarding School (OSPP) of Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) and Media Santri (Medsan) of UII Islamic Boarding School (PP UII) were held at K.H. Wahid Hasyim Building, Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIAI), UII Integrated Campus, on Sunday (10/12). Mubes itself is the highest forum of OSPP UII in order to determine policies that will be implemented during the next period. This forum serves as a guideline for new administrators in undergoing the management period.

Structurally, OSPP is under the Directorate of Islamic Boarding School and functions as a channel for student aspirations. While Media Santri itself is an independent organization that publishes the activities and achievements of students.

At the opening, remarks were delivered by Ust. Dr. Suyanto, S.Ag., M.S.I., M.Pd., as the Head of PP UII Men Branch. Ustaz Suyanto reminded that Mubes is a forum discussing basic policies and evaluations for regulations that have been implemented. In addition, he also said that aside from the encouragement for students to have achievements, they need to be published hence could be known by the audience outside the boarding school.

After Mubes, the series of activities continued with the ratification of the elected OSPP Chairpersons for the 2023/2024 period, namely Ihsanul Baihaqy for men’s branch and Lia Uzhma Nurdina for women. The event continued with the inauguration of the OSPP board for the 2023/2024 period which consisted of a number of divisions: Ubudiyah Division, Santri Resource Development Division (PSDS), Hygiene and Health Division, Household Division, Community Service Division, and Sports Division.

In addition to OSPP, the inauguration was also carried out for the new Medsan management. Chaired by Muhammad Nabiel Marazieq for the 2023/2024 period, Medsan consists of the Website Division and the Social Media Division. The session went smoothly with several changes in the Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association (AD/ART) and Organizational Guidelines. After the inauguration, Mubes was then ended with a prayer by Ust. Tajul Muluk, S.Ud., M.Ag., as the Head of PP UII Women Branch. (FCP/FJA)

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